The brighter solution to brighter skin

Advanced laser in Barrie.

As we age we feel our skin appears to be tired and not as vibrant as it once used to be. This is due to Aging, Sun Exposure, and Genetics. There is no better way to achieve clearer, brighter, and tighter skin than with The Three For Me treatment at Advanced Laser Clinic in Barrie.

How the procedure Works?

Icon Laser Safe, comfortable and effective. The Icon has advanced cooling Contact for treatment comfort. The Icon Laser is the only laser on the market that has a melanin reader. The skintel will measure the exact melanin content of your skin. The skintel will give you an exact and safe treatment. All our skin types are different. With other devices there is a lot of guess work in determining treatments. With the Icon there is no guess work. You will get an exact measurement and treatment.

  • 1. Using the Skintel, measure the melanin content of your skin.
  • 2. The laser treats discoloration and facial vessels using technology called Intense Pulse Light (IPL)m
  • 3. Treats fine lines, wrinkles and textural irregularities using fractional laser technology that helps generate collagen and elastin. The two key support structures of your skin.

The Treatment.

Most people feel only minimal discomfort, similar to the snapping of a rubber band accompanied by some heat in the treatment area.

Your physician may use comforting techniques such as topical numbing creams or cooled gel packs to further enhance your experience.

It is typical to see minor redness and swelling similar to a mild sunburn but this should resolve in just a few days.